How You Know Mitt Romney Is Losing

Just have a look at where he’s scheduled to campaign on Monday, the day before the election. This is at the New York Times:

Mr. Romney’s campaign officials said they were confident that he would win Florida. But they were not taking chances and scheduled a visit by Mr. Romney to the state on Monday.

They said they were somewhat less certain about Virginia, agreeing with Mr. Obama’s strategists that a jump in polling in the state for Mr. Romney after the first presidential debate had subsided some, though they still predicted a victory there. The Obama campaign has reserved commercial time in the Washington area, Richmond and Roanoke, the monitoring data showed, […]

Mr. Romney was scheduled to make two stops in Virginia on Monday, including one in the northern suburbs, a region that was pivotal to Mr. Obama’s becoming the first Democratic presidential candidate in four decades to win the state.

In other words, Mitt Romney has never been able to secure Florida and Virginia. He’s bogged down in both. He can’t play offense until he’s banked them, and they’re not banked. Because he’s losing.

Understand what being bogged down in Virginia and Florida means. New Hampshire and Virginia represent “Ohio on the East Coast” (17 electoral votes combined). If Obama wins these two states, he doesn’t really need Ohio (with 18 electoral votes) to get to 270 electoral votes. And should Obama win Florida (27 electoral votes), he needs neither Ohio nor Wisconsin (28 electoral votes combined) to get to 270.

Romney, in short, is in a double-bind. He can’t afford to lose either Virginia or Florida and seriously expect to win the election–so he has to campaign in these states. Yet he isn’t likely to win the election if he doesn’t make a strong personal push in other key states in the last days. But that’s being hampered because Obama has him bogged down in Virginia and Florida.

Not good for Mitt Romney. It’s how you know he’s losing (and why Obama may be on his way to winning more than 300 electoral votes).

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to How You Know Mitt Romney Is Losing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s prey that this happens! OBAMA 2012

  2. conservative says:

    There are some similiarities between the way Hitler came to power and how he was praised by the masses and the way Obama is idolized by progressives or liberals.

    Baldur von Schirach, leader of Hitler youth said after the war: “It was we, the intellectuals who fed the Germans their idolatrous hunger for a god-like hero. We pushed them into Hitler’s arms. He was our Hitler, our hero. He was our Hitler, the man the German people wanted, whom we ourselves by our insane idolatry, had made master of our destiny. It is our tragedy that we make exceptionally gifted men the objects of hysterical hero-worship which causes them to believe they are superhuman and infallible” – Baldur Von Shirach, former Hitler Youth Leader

    That’s what left wing liberal intellectuals are doing with Obama. They indoctrinate liberal voters with an abnormal admiration for an incompetent and corrupt president who can’t even admit the failure of his own policies.

    The fanatical idolatry that they encourage is very similar to the cult of personality of Soviet dictators, and what some dictators still have in some parts of the world. The way liberals react to any criticism of Obama also smacks of totalitarianism. They hate and demonize all people who criticize Obama and disagree with him. They attack all criticism of the Obama administration as bigotry, racism and all those slogans.

    At least Bush admitted he was wrong on some things. He said in a final interview as President, “There are some things that I regret. Yes, definitely”.

    The ignorant voters who still vote for Obama, won’t admit he did anything wrong or unconstitutional.

    Thank God there are still people who think, in this country.

    • Alan says:

      Think rather, you have your shoes on the wrong feet.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      I actually agree with you that the cult of personality is a problem in politics–but the left and the right are both prone to it. Political polarization contributes to it. When one side is especially ungenerous and uncompromising toward the other, people will defensively over-defend their side.

      And politics has a “daddy” and “mommy” quality to it. To deny the psychological forces at work in people’s relationship to politics is silly. Both sides exploit the “good father” and “good mother” archetype. Of course, the Nazis did this quite blatantly.

      Conformity, community, independence, and diversity are also tensions in the human soul. You’ve oversimplified it and put your shadows on your enemies. But we all do this to some extent.


      • Alan says:

        Around Elvis, around Lennon and McCartney and an endless list of charismatics there are and have been cults of personality. This does not typically involve frothing packs of thugs and brown shirts beating the stuffing, often the lives, out of folks of whom they disapprove. Painting your rivals as Nazis goes beyond the pale of rational discourse.

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