Mitt Romney Caught On Tape Talking Honestly About His Mormonism And Jesus Reigning From Missouri

Recently posted on YouTube, the below video seems to be going viral. I actually find it refreshing–the real Mitt Romney, not knowing he’s being recorded, speaking his mind with uncensored combativeness.


When he lets off some steam, Romney appears to actually be animated by ideas and believes things. This is good to know.

But what does he believe?

He thinks that Jesus will literally play the role of a deus ex machina, intervening at the height of a war in the Middle East, and landing–presumably sans airplane–at the Mount of Olives in Israel. And he also thinks Jesus will then rule and reign a thousand years on Earth from Missouri and Jerusalem.

Missouri and Jerusalem.

Here are Romney’s exact words:

He [Jesus] will reign from two places, that the law will come from one place–from Missouri–and the other will be in Jerusalem.

Romney also says in the video that he is utterly opposed to abortion–even of the use by women of RU486. Here’s the longer video version of the discussion:

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