Motivational Speaker Dies

That would be Zig Ziglar. He was 86.


This is part of the New York Times obituary:

“Our whole philosophy’s built around the concept that you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want,” he told Brian Lamb in an interview for the C-Span program “Booknotes” in 2002. “That works in your personal life, your physical life. It works in corporate America. It works in government. It works everywhere.”

Ziglar’s secret to success was in promoting generous, hopeful, and forgiving tit-for-tat cooperation, which recalls Harvard biologist and mathematician Martin Nowak’s “super cooperators”:


Ironic that Zig Ziglar, an evangelical who was probably a Darwin skeptic, was an intuitive promoter of what a Harvard evolutionary theorist has identified as a key survival strategy: the “super cooperator.”

But let’s also not forget Chris Farley:

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