The Ultimate Revenge Fantasy Movie

One of the ironies here is that this is exactly how a lot of Christian fundamentalists imagine Jesus actually returning (a lamb the first time, a lion the second). Another irony is that one could never even make such a parody about Islam’s prophet without Tarantino levels of violence breaking out across the planet for real.


As amusing as this clip is, it also brings to the surface another truth: Nietzsche and Hitch were both right. Beneath all “peaceful” religion is envy and rage. And religion poisons everything. Best line of the clip: “Critics are calling it a less violent Passion of the Christ.” That says it all.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to The Ultimate Revenge Fantasy Movie

  1. Wow, that might be the funniest Christian parody I’ve ever seen. Except, as you said, it really ain’t. Tame compared to Revelations.

  2. David Yates says:

    “I’m gonna get Old Testament on his ass.” — Ving Rhames (Kenan Thompson) as Pontius Pilate

    “A less violent ‘Passion of the Christ’.” — A.O. Scott

    “I never knew how much Jesus used the ‘n’ word.” — Peter Travers

    Stinking hilarious! I’m still chuckling about it an hour later.

    (Btw, it’s ‘Revelation’ [singular], not ‘Revelations’ [plural].)

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