Great Haircuts and “The Mentalist” for Girls

The lead singer’s hair in Heart reminds me of Robin Tunney’s hair in the second season of The Mentalist:


Tunney, who plays the head of a California detective unit (in the show, she goes by the name of Theresa Lisbon), is a great role model for girls. My daughters, six and nine, watch The Mentalist with mommy and daddy. What impresses me is that the men in the show completely respect her and never resent the authority she has over them. Tall and muscled, they call this short woman their own age, without the least irony, boss. It’s a very impressive demonstration of a non-sexist, merit oriented workplace, and something I hope my daughters will absorb from the show (along with the critical thinking and close observation skills required to solve a crime).

Yes, we always cover their eyes at the opening scene where the murder takes place. After the murder, the show largely functions like a Colombo.

Here’s Robin Tunney interacting with a real mentalist:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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