Robert Wright Claims History is Moving Toward More and More Non-Zero Sum Games

Every day, in a lot of ways, are we really getting better and better?

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4 Responses to Robert Wright Claims History is Moving Toward More and More Non-Zero Sum Games

  1. Yes, we are getting better and better. We need simply look at what increased communications has done for us as a species. The revolution is televised, the global economy will not allow us or any country to exist in a bubble, and what interrupts commerce is just a no-no. When the USA has commerce pacts with now suffering 3rd world countries the world will be a better place. Perhaps not by much, but better. When the Internet and communications mean that people in mountain villages (of what are now remote places) are essentially participating citizens of 1st world countries there is no way to sustain bigotry and hate. In terms I’ve used before, increased communication makes the world a smaller place and puts a lot more problems within the reach of my give-a-damns.

    It is my view that bigotry and hate is what keeps us from living on Earth 2.0. We have everything to gain by cooperation… it just takes time.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      Internet electrons, thankfully, are not expensive. Web pages are non-zero sum games. One can always enter a dialogue thread. When energy becomes as cheap as water–and that day is probably no more than a century away–what will people have to fight over?

      People are ungenerous where there is scarcity.


  2. Luke says:

    There will always be things to fight over. It is the human condition. There is no utopia with gently playing harp music and free wine and roses for all. And we should all be happy about that.

    • Santi Tafarella says:


      That’s not even remotely true, what you’re saying. There are pockets of peace all over the world, and they have persisted among people. And those pockets are growing. Abundance makes for peace, and we’re entering an age of abundance.

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