Rape in the Military


The recent appalling spectacle of male obtuseness and excuse-making concerning rape in the military prompted this from Frank Bruni in the NYT yesterday:

I can’t get past that widely noted image from a week ago, of the Senate hearing into the epidemic of sexual assault in the military. It showed an initial panel of witnesses: 11 men, one woman. It also showed the backs of some of the senators listening to them: five men and one woman, from a Senate committee encompassing 19 men and seven women in all. Under discussion was the violation of women and how to stop it. And men, once again, were getting more say.

I hope a woman runs for president, wins, and signals a fresh revival of feminism in this country. We need it.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to Rape in the Military

  1. L. Rowan McKnight says:

    You aren’t kidding. I wouldn’t call myself a “Rah-Rah Hillary!” kinda gal, but if she runs I’ll most likely support her.

  2. descarne says:

    Despite his whiny, arrogant style, I think Gerald has it right, certainly about the prime candidate:

    Gerald Celente ‏@geraldcelente #ChelseaClinton endorses mom: We need a woman in the White House. GC What sexist BS. We need a moral person in WH. Gender doesn’t matter

    I think the answer lies in the numbers rather than the office – it’s almost certain whoever occupies it will be owned and do what s/he is told.

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