Bill de Blasio for NY Mayor

A great ad made by his son, Dante. Bill de Blasio, who is white, has a black wife and two children by her. His wife, before she married him, was a lesbian.

How cool is that?


Here’s a bit from The New Yorker about Bill de Blasio:

At six feet five with broad shoulders, he’s certainly got the physique to take a few shots. As the man who managed Hillary Clinton’s successful bid for the U.S. Senate, in 2000, he surely knows quite a bit about the dark (and light) arts of campaigning. In crafting out a position as the candidate most engaged with inequality and affordability, he fastened on two key issues, and demonstrated a shrewd understanding of where many New York Democrats minds are at after twelve years of Bloomberg and eight years of Giuliani. […] 

In a field of professional politicians, most of whom have been around for quite a while, de Blasio seems like a decent and well-meaning fellow, and something of a fresh face, even though he’s fifty-two. With his multiracial family, and, particularly, his Afro-sporting fifteen-year-old son, Dante, who is now appearing in one of his campaign commercials, he also has the great advantage of being able to portray himself as the face of New York—or, rather, the face that New Yorkers would like to portray to the world. But, judging by Tuesday night’s [debate] performance, anyway, he still lacks a bit of gravitas—[Bill] Thompson won hands down in that department.

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