Surprise, Surprise: Obamacare Works for a Small-Business Owner

This was in The New York Times earlier this week:

Rachel Bryant, a small-business owner who lives just outside Winston-Salem [N.C], felt unlucky when she received a notice from Blue Cross saying that her plan was being canceled and that the replacement would raise her monthly bill to $675 from $408.

But when Ms. Bryant, a single mother of two young children who earns about $30,000 through her legal services business, finally succeeded after many tries to log onto the online marketplace,, she learned she was eligible for subsidies that would bring down her premiums to just $150 a month.

“I’m extremely happy,” said Ms. Bryant, 36. “I’m not going to go bankrupt because of medical bills. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll put up with the frustration and the bother.”

About half of those buying individual insurance in the existing market will be eligible for a subsidy, according to a national study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. That does not include an additional one million people who buy individual insurance now but, under the provisions of the health law, will be eligible for Medicaid beginning in 2014, according to the study.

In other words, well over half of those already in the individual insurance market today are in the process of discovering that–in addition to having better insurance under Obamacare–they will actually get subsidies to make it affordable (or they can apply for Medicaid). Obamacare is having a rocky implementation, but the long game here is pretty clear: it’s going to be a popular program that helps many millions of Americans.

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2 Responses to Surprise, Surprise: Obamacare Works for a Small-Business Owner

  1. I am wondering in what bizzaro world that is a success story. A woman loses her current insurance policy due to ACA. The new replacement policy is more expensive and she cannot afford it. But then the government steps in a takes money from those of us who pay taxes to cover the expense of healthcare for the lady who could previously pay her own insurance.

    That seems like a giant bucket of fail to me, not a success at all. Lots of GOPers spew out the idea that the progressive ideal is to get as many people as possible depending upon the government and unable to care for themselves. I never really paid that idea much mind, as it seemed absurd. Yet here you are, telling a “success” story where the only net thing accomplished is that a new person was put on the government dole. So, where do you see it ending? You do realize that not everyone can be on the dole .. the government has to get its money from somewhere.

    A REAL success would have been if the ACA legislation had actually driven down the cost of this lady’s insurance – either through spurring competition, eliminating waste, something.

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