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Multi-Meter Sea Level Rise Within Sixty Years? James Hansen And Eighteen Other Climate Scientists Have Written A Peer Reviewed Paper Evaluating The Possibility

Last summer, James Hansen made some alarming estimates surrounding sea level rise over the coming decades–not centuries–and his new paper on this, written with eighteen other climate scientists, has now gone through the peer review process. The paper lays out … Continue reading

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The Owl of Time Rests Its Anxious, Hungry Eyes: Meditation as Calm Abiding in the Present

Past and future vision. The ability of mental flight through time–to remember the past and model alternative futures–is our evolutionary superpower as a species. These past and forward-looking capacities help us navigate the world really, really well. We are the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump on Climate Change

Donald Trump’s idiotic Twitter statements on climate change give one a window into his basic critical thinking skills. Here he is ignoring expert testimony and suggesting that climate scientists, not him, are the ones who are rigid and unresponsive to … Continue reading

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The Magical Thinker vs. The Non-Charismatic Woman: What Donald Trump vs. Hillary Means for 2016

The carnival barker. Enter the confidence man. That’s Donald Trump in 2016. His products: nostalgia and magical thinking for a desperate people. Who’s desperate? Of the 300 million people living legally in the United States, about 189 million of them … Continue reading

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The Bhagavad Gita and Socrates vs. Homer and The Iliad

The two selves in the Bhagavad Gita. One of the most enduring pieces of world literature is the Bhagavad Gita, and one of the keys to reading the Gita is to understand its doctrine of the two selves. In the Gita the two selves are: … Continue reading

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Nietzsche Wonka: After The Historicist And Linguistic Turns In Philosophy, Can We Go On Speaking? And If So, Of What?

Once you’ve been exposed to Wittgenstein, Derrida, Richard Rorty, Stephen Greenblatt, and Nietzsche (“truth is a mobile army of metaphors,” etc.), and have absorbed the consequences of their insights surrounding the quest for certainty, is it coherent to any longer … Continue reading

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