He’s Scared. He’s Selling Fear. Scaredy Trump.

Since Donald Trump has a nickname for Hillary Clinton (“Crooked Hillary”), I would like to see Hillary deploy the following moniker Trump’s way: Scaredy Trump.

America is better without walls. No Scaredy Trump.

Scaredy Trump. It exposes the Emperor of White Scream as naked; as the little boy he is, afraid of the dark.

Scaredy Trump is the sort of meme that, even for the lowest of low information voters, might prompt the following reflection: If you think about it, even just a little bit, Trump is a chickenshit.

Trump talks tough, but it’s from weakness; an inner weakness. He’s not a brave man, but a weak man.

And this weakness is the thread of Trump’s life narrative. You see it in his lying, shortcuts, and corner-cutting; in his dodging of service in Vietnam; in his reliance on his daddy’s money to the tune of about $150 million dollars; in his four bankruptcies; in his conspiracy theory paranoia.

Trump is a hysterical man. He has always kept himself well-shielded from the consequences of his actions; he has always lived with servants catering to his whims; and he has always been litigious, living behind barriers, high in towers.

And now he wants to bring his way of being in the world to the nation as a whole. He has lived as Rapunzel, and now he wants the nation to mirror back to him his own image: the nation as Rapunzel.

Trump’s vision for America is not Reagan’s city set upon a hill. It’s Rapunzel in a tower.

He’s scared. He’s selling fear. Scaredy Trump.


About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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