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Trump Calls Warren Pocahontas–Again!

After all the idiocy and racism that Trump has already spewed at the “Mexican” judge, I felt reasonably certain that the Republican Party leaders had finally gotten through to him: he needs to use a teleprompter and stop the racist … Continue reading

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Obama’s Cool Head vs. Trump’s Hot Head

He has overcome–with a cool head. What a contrast with Trump. Below is a great paragraph, written by David Maraniss in the Durango Herald, describing President Obama’s cool-headed temperament. I especially like how Maraniss concludes his paragraph by noting Obama’s … Continue reading

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The Simulation Argument: The Probability of Wetware vs. Dry Wire in Light of What You Think Will Happen in the Future

If you think it’s highly likely we’ll be able to simulate reality to the point where it’s completely indistinguishable from actual reality (say, 400 years from now), then we’re probably already living in a simulation. Really. Just as a matter … Continue reading

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