Elizabeth Warren for VP

Elizabeth Warren on The View yesterday was awesome. She would make a terrific VP for Hillary. Oddly, when I watch her, she makes me want to live (to live larger and enjoy each day). She seems to love life. She reminds me of Yoda in Star Wars. She’s charming and emanates hope and optimism. Her enthusiasm is contagious; you feel problems can be solved with her in the room. I think that this subtext is what excites people, perhaps unconsciously, about her. She can’t be bought, she’s not afraid of the powerful or bullies, she’s quick on her feet, she speaks her mind. And yet she’s also not an overbearing narcissist, drawing attention to herself. Instead, she points enthusiastically to solutions and uplifts others, without apparent jealousy for the spotlight to turn back upon her. She seems to know how to focus on what’s important. She’s passionate, yet also thoroughly in control of herself: calm, centered, and thoughtful. What great qualities!

The Massachusetts senator blast Donald Trump on “The View.”

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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