Is Trump-Pence Cult Behavior–or a Winning Ticket?

Crackpots to the future. Trump picked for VP, not just a man who can’t say whether he thinks the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and that plants and animals have changed over time, or whether global warming is occurring, but whether women should have the right to control their own bodies.

Indeed, it’s worse than this. Mike Pence is not merely a global warming denialist and potential young Earth creationist, or a man indifferent to women’s equality and reproductive choice (which necessarily go together), but one who is actually a longtime activist against women’s issues.

And he opposes gay equality as well.

If Trump still wins this year, then I simply do not understand the mentality of my fellow countrymen and women at all, and what’s really important to them, what they shrug at, etc.

And remember: Trump has to come close to winning half of women’s votes, and do better than Romney with Hispanics, Asians, and blacks, to actually win the election–or he has to ramp-up the white male vote to unprecedented levels, and win it overwhelmingly. This seems wildly improbable. And yet pollsters suggest Trump is roughly in a dead heat with Clinton–or at least within striking distance of overtaking her.

So here’s my question: Can these two men–Trump and Pence– really be the preference of the majority of Americans in 20-fricken-16?

Put another way, are we witnessing delusional and cultish behavior on the part of the Republican Party this year, or is there something in the country’s collective psyche that has gone terribly, terribly wrong–so wrong, in fact, that the country as a whole is every bit as sick as the Republican Party itself?

When you see cult-like behavior, with people under the spell of a con-man, you think, well, at least this guy’s con goes no farther than his outspoken, fanatic, and proselytizing followers. But maybe this year is different. Maybe the majority of Americans are Trump’s followers; his silent followers.

In the privacy of their homes, are a majority of Americans–perhaps even a majority of women–really saying, “I’m with Trump”?

How can this be?

Mike Pence has endorsed controversial legislation on abortion and Planned…

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to Is Trump-Pence Cult Behavior–or a Winning Ticket?

  1. Susanne says:

    god save america.

  2. Mary says:

    I have thought about this so much and and I think I’ve come up with an answer as to why. In any culture change normally happens very slowly and because of that is more acceptable to the masses. But it seems over the last say 20 years many cultural changed have been pushed and pushed and slammed into our faces. And the frustration level has reached a fever point and this is the result. All you have to do is look at the news media and movies and TV. Turn it on and you hear every four letter (or more) word known to man constantly said. Many cable shows might as well be porn with the constant sex. Porn is rampant on the Internet. The gay lifestyle, which I have no problem with, is pushed and crammed down our throats until you think it must not be “cool” unless you are gay. Youth is pushed in our faces and old people are looked at with condescension at best and sheer dislike at worst. Terrorism is out of control and we do not feel safe in our own country, especially as we see a lukewarm response to them from our government. And the most delicate and unspoken feelings is the black issue. Yes black lives matter, but so do Latinos, Asians, Mexicans, women, disabled, elderly and everyone’s lives. Often in life, one is treated with respect if they garner it in the first place. And the recent killing of police only adds to the frustration felt by many. I am not republican, could never vote republican at this time, but I sense the appeal. For me the religious influence and denials of evolution, age of the universe, women’s rights and climate change are just a few of why I couldn’t, but the frustration level in most Americans is huge and many will overlook this.

  3. Staffan says:

    Many view the Left as being oppressive, that it threatens basic human rights, such as freedom of speech. Today the top trending hashtag on Twitter in the US was #FreeMilo, referring to gay pro-Trump journo Milo Yiannopoulos who has been suspended from the social media site. No reason has been given but Milo has what the SJWs at Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council think of as hateful. In contrast people who explicitly agree with ISIS have not been suspended.

    Many Americans, and people worldwide are naturally concerned with this development. University students throughout the Anglosphere organize rallies against allowing lecturers they disagree with. Referring to dissent as “violence” they need to protect themselves against. On Twitter there is a form you can fill in to report abusive behavior, one option you can choose includes “Offensive, disrespectful or in disagreement with my opinion.” Disagreement is now abuse.

    These totalitarian tendencies are genuinely anti-American, and anti-Enlightenment, and, along with immigration, they make a compelling argument why people should vote for Trump than for Clinton.

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