Trump Attacks the Mother of a Slain American Soldier

First, Donald Trump attacked John McCain, a Vietnam POW. Today, Trump attacked the mother of a slain soldier.

A slain soldier. A mother. Think about that.

And Trump didn’t even serve in the military himself when he was of the age to do so. Trump let others fight and die in Vietnam on his behalf.

Trump has never made any serious sacrifices for this country. He’s a coward, but he poses as this tough guy–a tough guy who can casually trash-talk the mother–the mother!–of a slain American soldier.

So not only is he tough with the feelings of a woman who lost her son, but he’s classy.

Trump also attacked the slain soldier’s father. Of course he did. He insinuated that the father was insincere in his remarks, and said the mother didn’t speak in public because her religion forbade it.

In point of fact, it was the mother’s grief, not her religion, that led her to decline to speak that evening. And the mother did give a one-on-one, sit-down interview to MSNBC on the following day.

So imagine if the parents of this slain American soldier were not Muslims, but Orthodox Jews or Pentecostals, and Trump said the father was insincere, reading from a teleprompter what Clinton’s campaign had put up for him, and that the woman didn’t speak in public because her religion is so alien, freakish, and beyond-the-pale of American norms, that it forbade her from doing so.

Trump both stereotyped and demeaned the parents of an American soldier. A slain American soldier. And the father in the image below is holding up a copy, not of the Quran, but of the Constitution.

In an ABC interview, Mr. Trump implied that Ghazala Khan’s silence while her husband spoke about their soldier son’s death at the Democratic convention may…

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