Is Trump Putin or Hitler?

Sobering reading. The pieces of the puzzle are falling together. Trump is Putin. And that’s if we’re lucky. He might be Hitler. And if he is, the likelihood of stopping him after he takes the oath of office is small.

A deeply, deeply disturbing article in The Washington Post below on how Trump is poised to transform the American presidency into something akin to that of Putin’s in Russia (a truly one man dictatorial show with little by way of checks and balances on his exercise of power).

According to the article, a confluence of historical circumstances is aligning for this dangerous moment; this fascist moment. When Trump says he’ll do things fast, the article explains exactly how he could actually fulfill this promise (or threat), bypassing the legal barriers that many of us imagine must surely be in place to prevent an imperial presidency.

When Trump says he’ll bring back torture and expand it, or says he’ll consider the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the Middle East, believe him. And if you think Congress or generals are likely to stall his actions, think again. If Hillary loses, the country we thought we knew may morph quickly and dramatically into something else.

And lest you think the Hitler analogy is overblown, I’d ask you to follow the two links in the following quote from Matthew Rozsa:

[B]ecause there are legitimate concerns about Trump’s mental health, his blasé attitude toward nuclear weapons poses an existential threat to not just our nation, but the entire world.

The White House is now so powerful Trump could legally fulfill many promises unchecked by Congress.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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