Trump is Bleeding White Men

Herr Trump’s hold on the white male voter is fraying. Of course it is. Who wants to vote for a coward wed to nostalgia? What a bore. No vision for a brave adult future.

Most of us who are white males are not whiny and paranoid hysterics, afraid of trade, women, religious doubt, immigrants, scientists, blacks, critical thinking, nuance, and Muslims. We don’t want to hide and cower with Trump in Trump’s high tower. We like being in the thick of things, engaged with reality as it is, not playing life safe behind a phalanx of silly Norman Vincent Peale religious platitudes, lawyers, and walls (as Trump has done his whole life).

How humiliating to be a Trump voter. It means being someone who votes for a man whose temperament and modus operandi are set on PANIC and accompanied by cowardly acting out, punching down, and bullying–all for personal attention-getting, and always–always–from a safe distance.

So I think it’s time for a little riff on James Brown: Say it loud, I’m white (male) and I’m proud–to vote for Hillary.

And, obviously, I’m not alone. What self-respecting 21st century man of any race–with confidence in his own capacity to thrive and compete in a complex world, and with even an ounce of bravery toward facing the future–would vote for a bunker-cowering and magical thinking Mussolini jerk-off and over-simplifier like Herr Trump?

It appears that after a stream of provocations, insults and reckless remarks, Mr. Trump has damaged himself with the one demographic that stands as a bulwark…

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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