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The Poet’s Fictions (A Poem)

THE POET’S FICTIONS   No hurry, no preference; Nothing simple, Nothing personal. One fire, Great silence.   Bring your rebellion. Bring your solidarity. Imagine the bent nail, The struggle, the birth. _____

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A Guided Meditation With A Little Help From A Wallace Stevens Poem (“The Plain Sense Of Things”)

If the poet generates a soundtrack to an environment, then the meditator, as poet, generates a meta-soundtrack that goes something like this: In your head, bring the inertial, reactive soundtracks down. Do not desire or avert them, but just let … Continue reading

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On Having No Head: The Headless Squid Bowl, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, And The Cosmos’s Undirected, Mutually Interdependent Arising

The headless squid bowl sometimes served in Japanese restaurants is odd and fascinating. It strikes me as a metaphor for the cosmos: it goes without a head. How strange. In a sense, even conscious beings like ourselves go without a … Continue reading

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