No Dogs in Heaven (A Coronavirus Poem)


It’s their morning walk; one shall be taken.

He’s masked, she’s not. They match

in sweaters. He is black, but time

has made him blue and atheist.

She is bleach white, a poodle.

Reaching the porch he sits; into his lap

she goes. He is her only friend. Cruel

Balaam cared not for his ass, which bore him.

Not so this man, this dog, teeth bearing.

She pours forth a fondue of speech,

tongue writhing like gum, but to a gentle end.

She shares as one carried and as caring.

“I nightmared of Noah’s ark last night;

I was on it, you were not.”

It was in youth that he sought God, but is now

with this life, this dog. Interpreting, he says, “I

was there. The ark was me.” This is why,

of heaven or of hell, of neither

could I believe or bear, without you.


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About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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