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Below are click-through links for the curious. New links are added weekly.

  • The old high way of love.
  • An article on the disturbing legal history of marital rape.
  • A recent Harris poll shows God belief in decline in the United States (and evolution belief up).
  • With regard to the value of the humanities, show, don’t tell.
  • Ben Franklin on chess.
  • The NYT on the decline of student interest in humanities education.
  • Edgar Allan Ho.
  • The NYT on flipped schools.
  • In praise of short sentences.
  • The case for reading literature from the vantage of evolution.
  • Daniel Dennett on Wieseltier v. Pinker.
  • MOOCs are coming.
  • Earliest known Michelangelo painting.
  • ECCTYC conference coming to Anaheim.
  • Ted Cruz has a birther problem.
  • The bullshit police come to Vegas–again.
  • A computer program that grades student essays.
  • Exercise can help you learn.
  • Donald Prothero on Stephen Meyer.
  • Planets like ours may be common.
  • Who is Barbara Kopple?
  • Woody Allen’s best and worst movies. One critic’s opinion.
  • Anxious? The New York Times series on the subject is here.
  • How to write an essay.
  • Online remedial college courses?
  • Leon Wieseltier on the humanities.
  • A new right wing conspiracy.
  • Homosexuality and the Bible deconstructed.
  • A Renaissance plate with Diogenes and Alexander the Great.
  • Google Glass demonstrated at YouTube.
  • Teach yourself how to code.
  • A new documentary on Philip Roth.
  • Getting a graduate degree in literature might make you crazy.
  • Even millenials with Ivy League degrees are having a hard time finding work.
  • Free association image tumbler.
  • Walker Percy and Carl Sagan compared.
  • California balances its budget.
  • Looking after the sick, 4000 years ago.
  • Songs inspired by books.
  • As Thailand prospers, Buddhism declines.
  • Earth’s recent near collision with an asteroid.
  • Sean Penn as Sisyphus.
  • People who live in tiny houses.
  • Are science and magic twins? A new Discovery Institute film attacks what it calls “scientism.”
  • Steven Pinker on writing well.
  • Edward Feser on Thomas Nagel’s new book.
  • One reason religion persists in the world: the God meme makes people brave.
  • James Somers says: bring questions to things and write.
  • Eleanor Smeal on the gender gap in electoral politics.
  • A man takes it upon himself to rescue his sister from the waters of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Why are there so many stupid people in the world?
  • What can sustain us in our godless, internet-driven, postmodern era?
  • The role of contingency in life, death, and Hurricane Sandy.
  • The Stanley Kubrick exhibit will be at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) between Nov. 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.
  • Joe Klein on Bibi Netanyahu and Iran.
  • A meditation on flesh and class after visiting a water park.
  • The editors of National Review predict that GM will go into bankruptcy in Obama’s second term (if he has one).
  • Nouriel Roubini forecasts bad economic weather for the second half of 2012 and all of 2013.
  • Amazon saved an author’s life.
  • Zizek on the Greek crisis.
  • Jonah Lehrer on daydreaming.
  • Reinhold Bieber.
  • Christopher Hitchens on Philip Larkin.
  • Why George Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes.
  • Philosophical positions boiled down to readily apprehended logos.
  • Andrew Sullivan and Ross Douthat discuss the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Man bites god: atheist activist converts to a liberal form of Christianity. Atheist activist’s atheist wife is surprised.
  • An American rightist in moral meltdown: National Review contributing editor, John Derbyshire, offers blatantly racist advice to white parents.
  • Deconstructing the “One Nation Under God” painting conservatives like.
  • Art messes with your brain.
  • Jonah Lehrer calls the superiority of brainstorming over the lone individual thinking a myth.
  • If Dr. Moshe Vered’s analysis is correct, expect a war of a year or longer should Israel or the United States attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.
  • Andrew Sullivan: Obama has a long game—and he’s winning.
  • Greg Scoblete questions the Iran-as-mortal-threat meme.
  • The Supreme Court lets stand a lower court ruling against sectarian prayers offered to Jesus at tax supported public meetings.
  • The Wall Street Journal on Israel, the US, and Iran.
  • Great news: a universal flu vaccine may be available within the next couple of years.
  • A NOVA slide show on the history of biowarfare.
  • Robert Wright starts a blog.
  • Robert Wright on Iran.
  • Jerry Coyne on free will.
  • C-SPAN interviews Chris Hedges for 3 hours.
  • Scientific American on H5N1.
  • Religiously motivated misogyny: Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel try to force women to ride in the back of buses.
  • More religiously motivated misogyny: In California, Protestant megachurch pastor, John MacArthur, tells his congregation, in excruciating detail, why women mustn’t ever teach or exercise authority over men in the church.
  • Best cartoonist’s response to Christopher Hitchens’s death.
  • The New York Times’s list of the 100 notable books for 2011.
  • Ken Murray, MD, explains why doctors tend to go gently into that good night.
  • Newt Gingrich is likened to an angry badger (which is, of course, an insult to angry badgers).
  • Saddest book EVER.
  • Nigerian Muslims and Christians agree: gays should be killed and any person who attends a gay marriage ceremony should be arrested.
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appoints Laurie McCallum to the state’s Labor and Industry Review Commission. With regard to workplace harassment of gays, McCallum regards it as legal.
  • Steven Pinker recommends a newly released book, Winning the War on War.
  • Jim Holt on thinking vs. blinking.
  • Leslie Gelb thinks Iran is nothing to get too worked up over.
  • The new Kurt Vonnegut biography is reviewed in the New York Times.
  • Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood reflects on the genre of science fiction in a new book.
  • Despite complaints from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s office to the principal of her high school, a Kansas teen refuses to apologize for tweeting to friends that the Kansas governor “sucks.”
  • Muslim medical students in Britain refuse to attend lectures on evolution.
  • An American evangelical-friendly website applauds them.
  • Cultivating empathy may not be the same as cultivating peace.
  • The Air Force Academy builds a Stonehenge-like worship center for witches and other pagans.
  • Clouds break and sunlight descends on a dead American soldier’s dog. ABC News reports the event as a potential sign from heaven.
  • A rabbi says that an Orthodox Israeli soldier should face death by firing squad rather than cooperate with any military order that compels his attendance at an event in which a woman sings.
  • David Carr’s reporting on Twitter and the Tribune Company is quite good.
  • A Catholic priest wants to bar humanists from being chaplains in the U.S. military.
  • An Intelligence Squared debate on the health of mainstream media outlets (such as the New York Times) is excellent.
  • The Vice website looks interesting. Here’s the site itself, and here’s the Wikipedia article on it.

3 Responses to The Santi Report (My Version of a Drudge Report Page)

  1. colinhutton says:

    Thanks for the link

  2. vmc says:

    He is an individual of low intelligence that lived as an interloper for four years. He will go down in history for conducting the greatest con the world has ever seen. His moral IQ is 45 and is now just a traveling carnival barker yelling to rule the fools. He is a vacuous man.

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