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Below are click-through links for the curious. New links are added weekly.

  • The old high way of love.
  • An article on the disturbing legal history of marital rape.
  • A recent Harris poll shows God belief in decline in the United States (and evolution belief up).
  • With regard to the value of the humanities, show, don’t tell.
  • Ben Franklin on chess.
  • The NYT on the decline of student interest in humanities education.
  • Edgar Allan Ho.
  • The NYT on flipped schools.
  • In praise of short sentences.
  • The case for reading literature from the vantage of evolution.
  • Daniel Dennett on Wieseltier v. Pinker.
  • MOOCs are coming.
  • Earliest known Michelangelo painting.
  • ECCTYC conference coming to Anaheim.
  • Ted Cruz has a birther problem.
  • The bullshit police come to Vegas–again.
  • A computer program that grades student essays.
  • Exercise can help you learn.
  • Donald Prothero on Stephen Meyer.
  • Planets like ours may be common.
  • Who is Barbara Kopple?
  • Woody Allen’s best and worst movies. One critic’s opinion.
  • Anxious? The New York Times series on the subject is here.
  • How to write an essay.
  • Online remedial college courses?
  • Leon Wieseltier on the humanities.
  • A new right wing conspiracy.
  • Homosexuality and the Bible deconstructed.
  • A Renaissance plate with Diogenes and Alexander the Great.
  • Google Glass demonstrated at YouTube.
  • Teach yourself how to code.
  • A new documentary on Philip Roth.
  • Getting a graduate degree in literature might make you crazy.
  • Even millenials with Ivy League degrees are having a hard time finding work.
  • Free association image tumbler.
  • Walker Percy and Carl Sagan compared.
  • California balances its budget.
  • Looking after the sick, 4000 years ago.
  • Songs inspired by books.
  • As Thailand prospers, Buddhism declines.
  • Earth’s recent near collision with an asteroid.
  • Sean Penn as Sisyphus.
  • People who live in tiny houses.
  • Are science and magic twins? A new Discovery Institute film attacks what it calls “scientism.”
  • Steven Pinker on writing well.
  • Edward Feser on Thomas Nagel’s new book.
  • One reason religion persists in the world: the God meme makes people brave.
  • James Somers says: bring questions to things and write.
  • Eleanor Smeal on the gender gap in electoral politics.
  • A man takes it upon himself to rescue his sister from the waters of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Why are there so many stupid people in the world?
  • What can sustain us in our godless, internet-driven, postmodern era?
  • The role of contingency in life, death, and Hurricane Sandy.
  • The Stanley Kubrick exhibit will be at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) between Nov. 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.
  • Joe Klein on Bibi Netanyahu and Iran.
  • A meditation on flesh and class after visiting a water park.
  • The editors of National Review predict that GM will go into bankruptcy in Obama’s second term (if he has one).
  • Nouriel Roubini forecasts bad economic weather for the second half of 2012 and all of 2013.
  • Amazon saved an author’s life.
  • Zizek on the Greek crisis.
  • Jonah Lehrer on daydreaming.
  • Reinhold Bieber.
  • Christopher Hitchens on Philip Larkin.
  • Why George Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes.
  • Philosophical positions boiled down to readily apprehended logos.
  • Andrew Sullivan and Ross Douthat discuss the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Man bites god: atheist activist converts to a liberal form of Christianity. Atheist activist’s atheist wife is surprised.
  • An American rightist in moral meltdown: National Review contributing editor, John Derbyshire, offers blatantly racist advice to white parents.
  • Deconstructing the “One Nation Under God” painting conservatives like.
  • Art messes with your brain.
  • Jonah Lehrer calls the superiority of brainstorming over the lone individual thinking a myth.
  • If Dr. Moshe Vered’s analysis is correct, expect a war of a year or longer should Israel or the United States attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.
  • Andrew Sullivan: Obama has a long game—and he’s winning.
  • Greg Scoblete questions the Iran-as-mortal-threat meme.
  • The Supreme Court lets stand a lower court ruling against sectarian prayers offered to Jesus at tax supported public meetings.
  • The Wall Street Journal on Israel, the US, and Iran.
  • Great news: a universal flu vaccine may be available within the next couple of years.
  • A NOVA slide show on the history of biowarfare.
  • Robert Wright starts a blog.
  • Robert Wright on Iran.
  • Jerry Coyne on free will.
  • C-SPAN interviews Chris Hedges for 3 hours.
  • Scientific American on H5N1.
  • Religiously motivated misogyny: Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel try to force women to ride in the back of buses.
  • More religiously motivated misogyny: In California, Protestant megachurch pastor, John MacArthur, tells his congregation, in excruciating detail, why women mustn’t ever teach or exercise authority over men in the church.
  • Best cartoonist’s response to Christopher Hitchens’s death.
  • The New York Times’s list of the 100 notable books for 2011.
  • Ken Murray, MD, explains why doctors tend to go gently into that good night.
  • Newt Gingrich is likened to an angry badger (which is, of course, an insult to angry badgers).
  • Saddest book EVER.
  • Nigerian Muslims and Christians agree: gays should be killed and any person who attends a gay marriage ceremony should be arrested.
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appoints Laurie McCallum to the state’s Labor and Industry Review Commission. With regard to workplace harassment of gays, McCallum regards it as legal.
  • Steven Pinker recommends a newly released book, Winning the War on War.
  • Jim Holt on thinking vs. blinking.
  • Leslie Gelb thinks Iran is nothing to get too worked up over.
  • The new Kurt Vonnegut biography is reviewed in the New York Times.
  • Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood reflects on the genre of science fiction in a new book.
  • Despite complaints from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s office to the principal of her high school, a Kansas teen refuses to apologize for tweeting to friends that the Kansas governor “sucks.”
  • Muslim medical students in Britain refuse to attend lectures on evolution.
  • An American evangelical-friendly website applauds them.
  • Cultivating empathy may not be the same as cultivating peace.
  • The Air Force Academy builds a Stonehenge-like worship center for witches and other pagans.
  • Clouds break and sunlight descends on a dead American soldier’s dog. ABC News reports the event as a potential sign from heaven.
  • A rabbi says that an Orthodox Israeli soldier should face death by firing squad rather than cooperate with any military order that compels his attendance at an event in which a woman sings.
  • David Carr’s reporting on Twitter and the Tribune Company is quite good.
  • A Catholic priest wants to bar humanists from being chaplains in the U.S. military.
  • An Intelligence Squared debate on the health of mainstream media outlets (such as the New York Times) is excellent.
  • The Vice website looks interesting. Here’s the site itself, and here’s the Wikipedia article on it.

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