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Eschatology for Beginners

Something’s happening! Whether it’s a dawning Messianic era, the UFO rapture, a technological Singularity, or some soon coming secular utopia (Marxist, neoconservative, or otherwise), the problem of suffering in the world and our intellectual confusions are about to be resolved in the arrival of … Continue reading

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Because the highest office held by any human being in the world—the Presidency of the United States—has been won by a black man, no child of God, anywhere on earth, need ever again limit his or her horizon because of skin color. So why are so many Christians unhappy about Barack Obama’s election?

It has been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America—and on November 4th, this habit of segregation appears to have translated into sharply divergent voting as well. 70% of white evangelicals, for example, appear to have … Continue reading

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