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Adam Smith Specialization v. Sarah Palin Generalization

A global human society that has any chance of prospering is rational and efficient. This means that each citizen of the world selects one job (that is, one specialized activity) that he or she does for income. This is Adam Smith … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s America

The Sarah Palin life model is internalized by a child:

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Just How Smart is Barack Obama?: Hanging Out With Nobel Laureates Smart

It’s no secret that Barack Obama has surrounded himself with very powerful intellectual lamps—and appointed a bevy of Ivy League graduates to his cabinet. But does Obama himself have the emotional balance and intellect to challenge the elite expert opinions … Continue reading

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Aristophanes, Atheism, Rhetoric, and Iconoclasm: A Review of “Clouds”

Aristophanes’ comedy, Clouds, is a humorous send-up of ancient Greek rationalism, science, atheism, and lawyerly sophistry, as supposedly represented by Socrates and the philosophical and sophistic schools of Athens. Aristophanes portrays Greek intellectuals as an arrogant class of effete and … Continue reading

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