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Three Examples of 21st Century Anti-Semitism

The former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir, at an Islamic conference in 2003: And Richard Williamson, a Catholic bishop: And the Drudge Report, using an anti-Semitic trope—the large and overshadowing Jew—in reporting on the Pope’s visit to Israel (May 12, 2009): … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory Taken to a New Level: The Haiti Earthquake is Now the U.S. Navy’s Fault

This today at Reason: Both Venezuelan state-owned radio and television properties zeroed in on a secret U.S. “weapon of earthquakes” as the cause of the earthquake that struck Haiti last week causing a death toll [that] could exceed 200,000 according … Continue reading

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Purpose v. Contingency: Are Theodicy Speculations, Conspiracy Theories, and Seeing the Hand of God (or Satan) at Work in Your Life, Intimately Linked Activities?

Philosopher AC Grayling’s review of Christian apologist John Polkinghorne’s new book, Questions of Truth, is a tough one and can be read here. In it, Grayling had an observation that was quite novel and worth reflecting on: [T]he painful experience of … Continue reading

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Onward Christian Fascists? An Example of Christian and Fascist Syncretism in Nazi Germany, May, 1936

At the U.S. Holocaust Museum photo archive is a sobering front page of the anti-Semitic newspaper, Der Stuermer, from May, 1936, in which Christianity and fascist messages are blended. Here’s the Holocaust Museum’s catalog description of the image: Front page of the … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget: In February, 1972, Billy Graham and Richard Nixon Discuss Jews, in a Paranoid and Anti-Semitic Fashion, in the Oval Office

A segment from the Nixon tapes reveals a dark, anti-Semitic and paranoid streak in both Billy Graham and Richard Nixon:

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The Pope Shakes Hands with Anti-Semitism

It’s carnival season in Germany, and Der Spiegal showed today this float depicting the pope shaking hands with the anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williams. More carnival photos here.

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DEVELOPING: Christopher Hitchens, in Lebanon, is Assaulted by Fascist Admiring Anti-Semites

On Valentine’s Day, Christopher Hitchens was in Lebanon, and on an evening out on the town, he appears to have encountered a wall poster of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, an anti-Semitic, fascist admiring national party that sports this Nazi … Continue reading

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A Very Grimm Fairytale, Indeed: The Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Folk Story of Anderl von Rinn (also Known as “Andreas Oxner”) Appeared in One of the Earliest Editions of the Grimm Brothers’ “Fairytales” (Early 19th Century)

The first Christian “blood libel” story directed toward Jews is in the Gospel of Matthew (where the gospel writer claims that the Jewish crowd at Jesus’ trial, crying for his crucifixion, collectively called out to Pontius Pilate: “His blood be upon us and upon our children!”). Subsequent blood … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: What is the Origin of the Yellow “Star of David” That the Nazis Required Jews to Wear at the Time of the Holocaust?

Answer: The yellow patch, or yellow “star of David”, set upon the clothing as a marker of Jewish identity, has its origins, not in 20th century anti-Semitism, but in 13th century Christian anti-Semitism. In 1215 Pope Innocent III decreed that … Continue reading

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Former NY Times Foreign Reporter, Chris Hedges, Knew the Hamas Leader Recently Killed, and Explains and Contextualizes the Gaza Situation with Admirable Clarity

Chris Hedges begins his article thus: I often visited Nizar Rayan, who was killed Thursday in a targeted assassination by Israel, at his house in the Jabaliya refugee camp when I was in Gaza. The house is now rubble. It … Continue reading

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Gross McCarthyism: In the Final Weekend Before the Election, McCain-Palin Desperately Try to Tag Anti-Semitism on Obama

It is hard to imagine, after the Holocaust, a grosser McCarthy-like slander, than to call someone an anti-semite who is clearly not—or insinuate that a person is associated with, and is sympathetic with the causes of, anti-semites. Obviously, Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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Is Sean Hannity an Anti-Semite? Robert Gibbs Turns the Tables on Sean Hannity for the Company He Keeps

Sean Hannity gave anti-Semite Andy Martin a full hour to unload bile upon Barack Obama. Here’s Martin’s picture: And Hannity didn’t inform FOX viewers of Martin’s anti-Semitic history and statements. He was simply designated an “author and journalist.” But below, … Continue reading

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