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Conspiracy Theories Poll of Americans Discovers Lots of Crazy

Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently released the results of its survey on conspiracy theory beliefs among Americans, and they are not pretty. Here are some of the highlights of the poll: Illuminati/New World Order types of beliefs: 28% of Americans say “yes” … Continue reading

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Antichrist Elimination Watch: President Obama Agrees That Jesus Christ is the Lord

The recent AP video clip embedded below seems to strike President Barack Obama off the potential list of people living today who might be the Antichrist. In the clip, a heckler does a righteous prophet freak-out on President Obama, calling him “Antichrist.” President Obama handles … Continue reading

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12 reasons that people are attracted to End Times woo

About half of all Americans believe that, within the next generation or so, humanity will come under the domination of an evil global ruler, experience the apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation, and witness the second coming of Christ. But why do they think this? … Continue reading

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A New Harris Poll asks “What do Republicans believe about Barack Obama?”

The answers that the Harris poll yielded are alarming. Here are four of the findings: 24% of Republicans think that Obama “may be the Antichrist” 38% think Obama is “doing many of the things that Hitler did” 57% think that … Continue reading

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Barack Obama the Sinister Clown?

Have you noticed the curious “Obama as scary clown” image meme circulating among right wing circles? I’m having a hard time getting my head around its connotations for right wingers (a racist minstrel projection comes to mind). In any case, … Continue reading

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Utah GOP Governor Jon Huntsman Feels the Love: Obama Peels Off Another Republican, This Time for Ambassador to China

    What will Rush Limbaugh say about this!?! I mean, WTF!?! Money quote from the AP: “I knew that because Jon is not only a Republican, but a Republican who co-chaired my opponent’s campaign for the presidency this wouldn’t … Continue reading

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