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News from the Back of the Atheist Bus: Richard Dawkins and Josh Timonen Put Their Fellow Atheists and Agnostics in Their Proper Place

Disgruntled Peter Harrison, a (former) forum moderator at RichardDawkins.net, dishes on a behind the scenes controversy between the site’s support volunteers and Josh Timonen, the site’s manager. Peter Harrison now wants people to join him at a different (and presumably more open) … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It

Last week Keith Olbermann went after the anonymous atheist who donated $10,000 to the atheist bus ad campaign in New York, giving the anonymous donor the bronze for June 29th’s “Worst Persons in the World” segment: Tonight’s worst persons in the world. … Continue reading

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Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here? Happy-Face Atheist Marketing v. Albert Camus’s Pessimistic Atheism

In contrast with happy face atheist marketing, Albert Camus tried to ground atheism honestly. Here’s what Camus said that we know (if we are going to see the world in atheist terms): Death is certain. The day of our death … Continue reading

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