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Bain Capital: Ben LaBolt’s Questions for Mitt Romney Sound Like Pretty Good Ones to Me

Ben LaBolt, President Obama’s campaign press secretary, has some questions for Mitt Romney that have clearly got both him and his supporters in squirm mode. Here they are: 1. Are you contending that an individual can simultaneously be the CEO, … Continue reading

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Is This Mitt Romney’s Way of Flipping the Bird at the Losers He Conned and Fired?

There’s something deeply tribal about the below image of Mitt Romney with his buddies at Bain Capital in 1984. It’s more than just an expression of joy at making money: it’s the glee of spiking a football before the losers … Continue reading

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When Mitt Romney Came to Town: Watch the Full 28 Minute Documentary Here

I just watched the full 28 minute documentary on Mitt Romney’s shenanigans at Bain Capital—the one put out by Newt Gingrich’s wealthy friends. It’s emotionally manipulative, but, I must admit, it’s extremely damning—really devastating. Vulture capitalism indeed seems to be a … Continue reading

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