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Atheists and Agnostics Have a Faith Too (And It’s an Interesting One That Might Well Be True)

Question: If you are a Baptist, how do you ensure God’s election of you into his eternal love and heaven? Answer: Baptists tend to think that you have to say a sincere, and I would say magical, prayer with the … Continue reading

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Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris: Is This What a Rising Christian Political Star Looks Like?

Mayor R. Rex Parris, 58, a born-again Baptist who last year declared his city, the city of Lancaster, Ca., a “Christian community,” was profiled a while back in the Los Angeles Times, and I notice that the Times described R. Rex Paris’s … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan on Richard Dawkins

In case you missed it, Andrew Sullivan, at his blog yesterday, compared Richard Dawkins to the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: It’s telling that both Mohler and Dawkins are both dedicated to the maintenance of a certain brand of … Continue reading

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Can the New Testament Really Be Read as Literature in the Same Way That We Might Read an Auden Poem as Literature? Are You Sure?

It’s probably a safe bet to say that, in American culture, most of the time, when a person approaches the New Testament it’s for life-direction (“What must I do to be saved?”), or for information (“What does Paul say about … Continue reading

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