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Karl Giberson and the firing of Dr. Bruce Waltke: “Those of us who teach at Christian colleges write with the knowledge that our books may get us fired”

Given Dr. Bruce Waltke’s recent firing from Reform Theological Seminary in Orlando for saying that evolution is true, what Karl Giberson wrote in Christianity Today back in September of 2008 seems tragically prophetic: Two centuries after evidence began to mount up … Continue reading

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EXISTENTIALIST CHRISTIANITY IN THE 21st CENTURY: Four Things That Every Honest Christian Must Face, Sooner or Later

It seems to me that every honest Christian living in the 21st century must, sooner or later, come up against four “truths”—and a question that must then be digested. Here are the four truths: There is no hell The Bible is … Continue reading

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NOVA’s “Must See” Documentary on Contemporary Biblical Archeology

At the PBS website, the NOVA documentary, The Bible’s Buried Secrets, has become available on DVD. The program, through interviews with some of the most well-known biblical archeologists in the world, surveys the grand scope of the biblical narrative, from … Continue reading

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