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MIT Physicist Ian Hutchinson Calls Gnu Atheists “Militant” and Wants Greater “Respect” Directed Toward Religion and Faith

At BioLogos, MIT physicist Ian Hutchinson has a theory as to why the gnu atheism, since 9-11, has gained some traction in the culture: the gnu atheists do not offer religion and faith respect: That’s perhaps part of their attraction to a certain segment … Continue reading

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Is God a Poet and is Metaphor Akin to Empiricism?

At BioLogos recently, Mark Sprinkle said something about poetry (and God, if God exists) that I found especially interesting: The work of poetry is to polish human language until it reflects the structural orderliness and the improvisational freedom and playfulness … Continue reading

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Young Earth Creationism Watch: Albert Mohler v. BioLogos, Darrel Falk, and Bruce Waltke

With regard to the universe’s appearance of vast age, Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, offers this curious argument: The universe looks old because the creator made it whole. When he made Adam,  Adam was … Continue reading

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Why neither intelligent design nor young earth creationism can ever function as part of the sciences

I’ve always liked this cartoon:

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Biologist Darrel Falk: Torn Between Two Lovers (Biblical Literalists and Science-Oriented Atheists)

At a recent posting on the BioLogos website, the president of the BioLogos Foundation, Darrel Falk—who is both a Christian and a biologist—explains why he is not a young earth creationist: [To be a young earth creationist] is to reject the richness of the … Continue reading

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“We cannot allow Christianity to become a cult”: BioLogos on the censorship of Dr. Bruce Waltke’s statements concerning evolution

BioLogos recently posted this response to Reform Theological Seminary’s insistence that Bruce Waltke, one of its professors, take down a video on the BioLogos website in which he says that he accepts the scientific theory of evolution. It should be noted that even though … Continue reading

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What Might I Substitute for Empiricism in Getting at the Truth of Ultimate Questions?

I would say nothing. I think that empiricism and reason are the best that we can do. So then why, as an agnostic, am I defending (in a previous post) Francis Collins’s explicitly theological gestures? Here’s why: I think that, with … Continue reading

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