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Perhaps the Ickiest Ad of the Campaign Season: Fundamentalists Turn Proposition 8 into an Issue of Armageddon-Sized Proportions

If you live in California, vote no on 8 (if, for no other reason, to deny the hysterics who made the ad below a victory based on insighting apocalyptic fear and religious alarm against the gay community). The video below is at … Continue reading

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The “Harvey Milk Day” Bill is on the Governor’s Desk for Signature. The Full Text of California Assembly Bill AB 2567, and Governor Schwarzenegger’s Phone Number, is Provided Below

I’m a supporter of AB 2567. The bill is on California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk. I hope that you’ll join me in making a brief call to the governor’s office and respectfully register your request that he sign the bill … Continue reading

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