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Jihad in Boston

A razor sharp bit of analysis from Rafia Zakaria, a Pakistani columnist in Pakistan, on why the Boston Marathon bombing grips the world’s attention even as the death count is low: As a weekly columnist for the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, I’ve … Continue reading

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Scott Brown Staffers and Supporters Engage in Racist Mocking of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage

The Not Ready for Diversity players. Hateful, icky, and ignorant. What’s Cherokee for asshole? __________ Regarding her heritage, Elizabeth Warren recently said this: As a kid, I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage. What … Continue reading

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Let My People Go? Why Barack Obama and Liberals (Like Me) Would Do Well to Read Exodus Before the Next Election

If you’re a liberal like me you probably scratched your head after the Massachusetts Senate election this week and asked yourself: How did Democrats lose so dramatically in the most liberal state in the country? And what does it mean … Continue reading

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