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Brian Greene Still Thinks String Theory Has Promise

30 years of work on string theory without experimental verification has not deterred Columbia theoretical physicist Brian Greene. He’s still betting on string theory. Money quote from his January 2015 article in Smithsonian magazine: I’m gratified at how far we’ve … Continue reading

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Blogging Brian Greene: Parallel Universes in Literature, Television, and Film

In the introductory chapter to physicist Brian Greene’s new book, The Hidden Reality, he offers a very brief list of parallel worlds from literature, television, and film: The Wizard of Oz. It’s a Wonderful Life. “The City on the Edge of Forever” … Continue reading

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Blogging Brian Greene’s New Book, “The Hidden Reality”

Physicist Brian Greene’s new book just came out, and it’s exceptional. If you want the skinny on what hidden realities there might be behind and beyond our own, you can safely set aside the Bible and just read Brian Greene. And damn he … Continue reading

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