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Young Earth Creationism Watch: Albert Mohler v. BioLogos, Darrel Falk, and Bruce Waltke

With regard to the universe’s appearance of vast age, Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, offers this curious argument: The universe looks old because the creator made it whole. When he made Adam,  Adam was … Continue reading

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Karl Giberson and the firing of Dr. Bruce Waltke: “Those of us who teach at Christian colleges write with the knowledge that our books may get us fired”

Given Dr. Bruce Waltke’s recent firing from Reform Theological Seminary in Orlando for saying that evolution is true, what Karl Giberson wrote in Christianity Today back in September of 2008 seems tragically prophetic: Two centuries after evidence began to mount up … Continue reading

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Evolution is true: Hebrew Bible scholar, Bruce Waltke, speaks truth to power—and is fired for it

A prominent scholar of the Hebrew Bible, and an Evangelical, Bruce Waltke recently stated the obvious—that evolution is true—and lost his teaching position at Reformed Theological Seminary for it. Here’s Inside Higher Ed today: When it comes to incriminating videos these days, the … Continue reading

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