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Buckminster Fuller to the Rescue?

Dome homes for tornado country? And might geodesic–as opposed to rounded concrete–domes provide at least some of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost? I wonder why Buckminster Fuller-style dome homes aren’t more popular everywhere. _____ _____

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Architect Buckminster Fuller’s “Buckyballs” Found in Space! Are They Evidence of God’s Existence?

This is a trippy story. The carbon molecule called a “buckyball”—named after Buckminster Fuller—has been discovered to be floating free in space: Sir Harry Kroto, who shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry with Bob Curl and Rick Smalley for the discovery … Continue reading

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Better living through data crunching, or a centralized tool for global government shenanigans?

I’m an old-style Albert Einstein/Bertrand Russell/Buckminster Fuller internationalist. I think that national sovereignty will—and should—give way to a democratic “Spaceship Earth” world government at some point in human history (perhaps with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights functioning as an international Bill of … Continue reading

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