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Chimps are Smarter and Faster Than You at Some Tasks, Therefore God Exists?

Natural selection has given chimps a phenomenal short term memory. Japanese researchers have found that if you flash the average chimpanzee a screen of numbers in different locations up to nine, then cause the screen to disappear, the chimp can … Continue reading

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Bonobo Liberals? Chimp Conservatives?

Concerning a study of bonobo altruism, this was in The New York Times recently: The subjects were all orphaned bonobos at the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In one phase of the study, bonobos were given a pile … Continue reading

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A Better Angel of Our Nature: Democracy and the Way of Bees

If alpha-male behavior (dominating, hierarchical, authoritarian) is, at some level, natural, it’s also possible that democracy too is natural. These contending impulses—the authoritarian personality and the democratic personality—may be competing evolutionary strategies that, in fact, take up habitation in different … Continue reading

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