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What Could Be More Christian Than What Obama Did For Gay Dignity This Past Week?

Andrew Sullivan’s reaction to a truly Christian president.

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Gay Marriage Debate Watch: Barney Frank Totally Owns Tony Perkins

The below segment of a recent Chris Matthews show is simply devastating. It shows Chris Matthews and Barney Frank intellectually eviscerating Tony Perkins, argument by argument. The political ground is shifting fast on gay marriage, and this clip nicely illustrates why.

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Evolution v. Creation Watch: Chris Matthews Does an Inane and Surreal Segment with “Intelligent Design” Advocate, and Former Presidential Candidate, Tom Tancredo

The anti-evolution Congressman who ran for president, Tom Tancredo, was on Chris Matthews’s MSNBC program today, and it was one of the most infuriating segments of talk television I’d seen in a very long time, as Matthews largely gave Tancredo … Continue reading

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“He mainlines homework”: Bob Woodward on Obama as Intellectual—and Bush as Anti-Intellectual

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The Trees for Obama Campaign: I Made a Tree Sign for Obama, and So Can You! See Here an Image of My “Obama Tree” and How You Can Do Something Similar

After somebody stole my homemade yard sign yesterday (see below), I decided this morning to turn one of my frontyard trees into an Obama sign (also see below). My logic was: “They can’t steal my tree, can they?” Likewise, you might want … Continue reading

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