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Ayn Rand Against Religion in Conservative Politics

In thinking about Emile Durkheim’s three Ps of sociology (power, prestige, and property), it occurred to me that the contemporary Republican Party has its own three Ps that it’s committed to advancing: plutocracy (rule by the rich); Pentacostal-style revivalism; and … Continue reading

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Let the 30-Year-Old Die!: The Christianist Party Shouts for Crucifixion

This is a must-see. It’s the Republican audience’s reaction to a debate question directed last night to Ron Paul by Wolf Blitzer. The gist of the question was the following: Should society let an employed 30-year-old experiencing a catastrophic health crisis, but lacking insurance, die? … Continue reading

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Christianism Watch: The Sign of the Fish Enlisted for War

A pretty darn ironic image: one of the Prince of Peace’s symbols enlisted for nationalist identification and war: . Of course, Constantine did something similar with the cross. But, if a contemporary Christian uses the sign of the fish in … Continue reading

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After the Abortion Doctor and Holocaust Museum Shootings: Contemporary Right Wing Racism—and the Threat It Poses to President Obama

Shepard Smith basically said aloud what I’ve been thinking for awhile. The hyper-amped far-right in this country is ginning up an atmosphere that makes Obama’s assassination ever more likely. Last week it was the murder of an abortion clinic doctor … Continue reading

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The Winking Coquette: Sarah Palin Does Not Represent the Apogee of Feminism—But Its Gross Mockery

A reader at Andrew Sullivan’s blog raises this question: I just want to ask: can anyone, anyone, imagine Condoleeza Rice or Margaret Thatcher or even Hillary Clinton for God’s sake, winking at the nation and/or being coquettish in any national … Continue reading

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