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Richard Spiegel on Alvin Plantinga’s Sensus Divinitatis v. Richard Dawkins’s Sensus Bullshititatis

At the Christianity Today website recently, a philosopher by the name of Jim Spiegel (who writes well, I must say) makes the following claim: [There are] moral and psychological dimensions to atheism, ones we cannot ignore. No argument there. And Spiegel … Continue reading

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“We cannot allow Christianity to become a cult”: BioLogos on the censorship of Dr. Bruce Waltke’s statements concerning evolution

BioLogos recently posted this response to Reform Theological Seminary’s insistence that Bruce Waltke, one of its professors, take down a video on the BioLogos website in which he says that he accepts the scientific theory of evolution. It should be noted that even though … Continue reading

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I.F. Stone, Kindle Mania, Joe the Plumber, Dollar Tattoo Art, and a French Poet Who Dreamed of Blogging: Today’s Five Curious Links

Commentary claims journalist I.F. Stone was a spy for Stalin from 1936-1938 . . . more The New York Times says big screen e-readers, such as the new larger version of the Kindle, might save the publishing industry, and transform the … Continue reading

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“Those of us who teach at Christian colleges write with the knowledge that our books may get us fired.” Christianity Today Reviews Richard Dawkins’ “The Oxford Book of Science Writing” and Brings Up the Delicate Issue of Intellectual Censorship at Evangelical Colleges

Under the ironic and provacative title, “No Science Please: We’re Evangelical,” Christianity Today just gave Richard Dawkins’ new anthology of science writing a POSITIVE review. The review also urged Evangelicals to stay open to the discoveries of science, including those … Continue reading

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