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The Vatican’s Abu Ghraib?

I thought that conservative essayist Christopher Buckley (at the DailyBeast.com) had the clearest and tartest response to Pope Benedict’s lifting of excommunication on Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson: What—the fuck—were you thinking of, Your Holiness? This repugnant episode is surely … Continue reading

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An Honest Conservative Speaks the Truth: In the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan Eloquently Skewers Sarah Palin

Peggy Noonan has always been a thoughtful and honest Lockean conservative, and so it’s hardly surprising that she felt she simply had to, in good conscience, speak her mind openly about the Sarah Palin farce. And so Noonan bravely stuck her … Continue reading

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Excommunicated: After Publically Endorsing Obama, William F. Buckley’s Son, Christopher, Is Driven to Resign from National Review

At The Caucus blog today: Christopher Buckley, the author and son of the late conservative mainstay William F. Buckley, said in a telephone interview that he has resigned from the National Review, the political journal his father founded in 1955. … Continue reading

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William F. Buckley’s Son Endorses Obama: For Plain Good Humor and Thoughtfulness, Christopher Buckley’s Endorsement of Obama is a Great Read

Buckley has a great sense of humor, and is very, very smart. His support for Obama is also sincere—he is not joking.  This will be his first time voting for a Democrat: I’ve read Obama’s books, and they are first-rate. … Continue reading

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