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The “F” Word and Sarah Palin: Is the Authoritarian Anti-Intellectual Politician the Future of the Republican Party? And Could It Lead to an American Brand of Fascism?

Can we be honest here? Sarah Palin’s instincts are authoritarian through and through. And she’s indifferent to, and even impatient with, complexity and intellectual nuance. And what should be alarming about her, she tries to make less so by a … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin and Her Ur-Fascist Followers: A Conservative Columnist Writes Against Palin and is Labelled a “Traitor” and Told She Should Commit Suicide

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker (rationally) steps off the Palin bandwagon, gets labelled a traitor by movement conservatives, and is now being asked by right-wing loyalists of Palin’s to “off” herself. Money quote from Parker’s recent column: The fierce reaction to … Continue reading

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Santi Tafarella v. PZ Myers: An Agnostic Urges Liberals, Secular and Religious, to Boycott PZ Myers

University of Minnesota biologist, and now illiberal iconoclast, PZ Myers, has managed to get hold of a consecrated host and desecrate it. Here’s his post on it: OK, time for the anticlimax. I know some of you have proposed intricate … Continue reading

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Christopher Hedges Doesn’t Believe in Atheists—and Neither Do I: A Review of Hedges’s Most Recent Book, and Why PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins Would Do Well to Read It Too

In light of PZ Myers’s recent flirtation with atheist illiberalism and iconoclasm, and Richard Dawkins’s knee-jerk defense of him, I think that thoughtful liberals, both secular and religious, might consider reading Christopher Hedges’s most recent book, I Don’t Believe in … Continue reading

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PZ Myers, Illiberal Iconoclast: Why Catholics, Agnostics, and Atheists Who Value Freedom Should Be United in Their Opposition to What PZ Myers Did

When University of Minnesota biologist, PZ Myers, in a blog to his readers, asked them to “score” consecrated wafers from Catholic churches, and send them to him for Internet desecration, a line was crossed that no sensible liberal, secular or religious, should condone. Mockery, parody, and blasphemy … Continue reading

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