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Quick Thought for the Day: Atheists are Like Frogs

Atheists are like frogs in the proverbial pot of hot water. They look through their glass across the stove at the hell realms of religion, critiquing them as psychologically warping, but have conveniently forgotten that they themselves are in a … Continue reading

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How do you spell relief? R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N?

According to ScienceDaily, researchers are finding strong links between anxiety and religious extremism in individuals: Across all studies, anxious conditions caused participants to become more eagerly engaged in their ideals and extreme in their religious convictions. In one study, mulling over a personal … Continue reading

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Republican Cognitive Dissonance and Rep. Joe Barton’s Apology to BP

At Salon today, Gabriel Winant asks a good question: The right hand of the GOP plays a waltz for the party’s dance with big business; the left hand beats out a populist rhythm. Somehow, the two don’t cancel each other … Continue reading

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Monism, free will, and atheist cognitive dissonance

Imagine an atheist who believes—against religious dualism—that there is one world, not two, and that it runs on determinate physics (or on perfect quantum probabilistic randomness, which amounts to the same thing). Now also imagine that he (or she) believes in free … Continue reading

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A Question I’d Ask Richard Dawkins

In The God Delusion, you said that you’d like to see believers who start your book be unbelievers when they finish it. But what about those for whom life is already, in Robert Frost’s phrase, “a diminished thing”? Is atheism … Continue reading

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