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Is Evolution Not Just True, But Good (Something To Be Embraced)?

Jared Burton has written a beautiful and soulful folk song capturing humanity’s uncomfortable and ambivalent relationship to evolution. I find the lyrics emotionally and intellectually challenging. But I can’t decide if I agree or not with the orientation to Nature … Continue reading

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Shopping Rage: Black Friday’s Competitive Shopping Road Rage

From the Los Angeles Times today comes this disturbing little item worthy of a scene from Dante’s Inferno: In Porter Ranch, a woman pepper sprayed customers at a Wal-Mart in what authorities say was a deliberate attempt to get more “door … Continue reading

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Ancient Roman Existentialism?

Jean-Paul Sartre, I think, would have like this. It’s from Carlin Barton’s Roman Honor: The Fire in the Bones (pg. 32, UC Press 2001): As the art historian Bettina Bergmann points out, the Romans had a taste for moments of high tension, … Continue reading

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