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Get Loose: When’s the Last Time You Really Opened Out Your Body?

Research suggests that opening out the body with postures reminiscent of Blake’s Vitruvian man increases esteem, confidence in speaking, and risk-taking. Two ways to open your body are to do some very particular yoga postures or dance. In the below video, Daft Punk … Continue reading

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Yes, You Belong Here (Fake It Till You Become It with a Little Help from Yoga)

One thing that college is about is learning to assert yourself in writing and speech–to tell others what you think–and below is an exceptionally inspiring TED talk by Harvard professor Amy Cuddy for getting yourself in the bodily and mental … Continue reading

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The Two Confidences of Atheism vs. The Four Confidences of Theism

When it comes right down to it, what are atheists confident about and what are theists confident about? It occurs to me that, to be an atheist, your life ultimately rests on just two rather naked confidences: God does not … Continue reading

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Confidence Fail: The Four Confidences and Atheism

It occurs to me that life turns on four confidences, three of which atheists and agnostics simply do not possess. If one wonders why so few people are atheists and agnostics, a big part of the puzzle may lie hidden here. … Continue reading

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