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Chris Hedges and the Ground Zero Mosque

Earlier in the summer, one of my favorite writers, Chris Hedges, offered an incisive and scathing critique of Anti-Enlightenment Christian nationalism in America. And, in light of the ground zero mosque controversy, it seems all the more timely: Tens of … Continue reading

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Three Casualties of the Ground Zero Mosque: The Enlightenment, the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights?

It has hit me forcefully this past weekend that the United States is facing a challenge to the very character of its existence: will we continue to be an Enlightenment-based Jeffersonian nation committed to treating people as individuals with universal reason and … Continue reading

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Collective Guilt for 9-11: The Ground Zero Mosque and Muslim Americans as the Enemy Within

In a recent blog post, Andrew Sullivan writes that the whole dust-up surrounding the Ground Zero mosque has been a revelation to him: conservatives, even the intellectual ones, really do make no distinctions between your average walking around Muslim American and Osama Bin Laden; they … Continue reading

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“Improvised Explosive Devices”: Bryan Fischer Says No to the Ground-Zero Mosque—and All Mosques

Here’s Bryan Fischer, a Herderian Christian nationalist from the American Family Association, attributing to American Muslims collective guilt for 9-11 and calling all mosques in America “improvised explosive devices”: Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the … Continue reading

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The Ground-Zero Mosque: Barack Obama Rejects Muslim Collective Guilt for 9-11 and Affirms American Values

President Barack Obama does not oppose the building of the Cordoba Mosque a few blocks down from the former site of the World Trade Center. And this is why I support the man. When it counts, Barack Obama is a man of the Enlightenment. … Continue reading

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