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“The Road”: Cormac McCarthy’s Version of Helen Reddy’s “You and Me Against the World”?

Slate recently reviewed the film version of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and reported that watching it is—how shall I put this politiely?—emotionally problematic:  The Boy and Man on the road, nameless in the long-dead world. Their cart and tarp and tins … Continue reading

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The Ending of Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men”

The film version: Notice, at the very beginning of the clip, the strategic placement of the tree, and Tommy Lee Jones crooking his neck ever so slightly, not blinking, as if his fate is to, as it were, be dangled by … Continue reading

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“The Road”: The Movie is Better than the Book?

This looks promising. Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road (2006), has been turned into a film, and a review in Salon suggests that the movie is actually better, on balance, than the book. That doesn’t happen every day. Here’s what Salon’s … Continue reading

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