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Could The Holocaust Happen Again?

What were the conditions that made the Holocaust possible, and are those conditions present in the world today? Sociologist Zigmunt Bauman (b. 1925) tackles this two-part question in his book Modernity and the Holocaust (2000 edition). He begins by analyzing bureaucracy. In Bauman’s … Continue reading

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Free Speech vs. Career Building: Are They Incompatable?

There are lots of pressures to conformity in the world, but three examples really jumped out at me recently. The first comes in the form of some young scientists, concerned for their career prospects, scattering away from a video camera to avoid … Continue reading

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America + Rule By and For the Rich = Democratic Plutocracy

Over the past decade in the United States, why hasn’t income-based resentment politics been a broader cultural phenomenon? In other words, why don’t the working and middle classes hate the rich in more obvious ways than they do? Is it that they have … Continue reading

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Puncturing Through the Lies of Corporate Public Relations with Humor: “The Yes Men Fix the World” Documentary is Coming to DVD April 1, 2010

The life affirming documentary The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) is being released on DVD April 1, 2010, and Amazon is accepting preorders here. And if you don’t know who the Yes Men are, here’s the trailer to the film:

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