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Chick-fil-A Hate-In: Dan Cathy and Rick Warren Gloat over the Chick-fil-A Hate-In of Gay People

Here’s the president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, publicly claiming to focus on his chicken business, not supporting hatred of gay people: Dan T. Cathy ‏@dancathy I’m keeping the main thing, the main thing. Chick-fil-A is about great food, great service and … Continue reading

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The Confederacy Finds a Place to Die—in the Republican Party?

Alan Wolfe, of the New Republic, sees America’s culture war politics as a sublimation of racial anxiety, and says of Obama’s victory: The single most disturbing aspect of last night’s election is the transformation of the Republican Party into the party … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Elitist Salad Watch: This Morning, I Bought Arugula—at Walmart!

What is this world coming to? Today, while shopping at Walmart, I found ARUGULA being sold in the fresh produce section. And it was labeled ORGANIC (see shocking image). And it was in RECYCLABLE packaging. Is Walmart becoming an elitist, un-American … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Metaphor Watch: Is Palin Bush’s Seemingly Dead Political Corpse, Reasserting Itself in a Female Form?

Is election 2008 turning into a farcical version of Night of the Living Dead? This weekend, Gary Kamiya of Salon.com offered this disturbing analysis: Observing the Sarah Palin phenomenon, does anyone feel like they’re trapped in a singularly creepy remake … Continue reading

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