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The Great Question of Religion: Who’s on First?

No, I’m not joking. True religion boils down to this one question. But before I demonstrate this, I’d like to point to something the literary critic Adam Kirsch recently wrote. He has been reading one page a day from the Talmud, … Continue reading

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Love Thy (Atheist) Neighbors: What Jesus Taught Aaron Gardner and His Wife at the Kentucky Creation Museum

This past week, Aaron Gardner and his wife, both Evangelicals, went to the young earth Creation Museum in Kentucky to witness a curiosity: not animatronic people riding animatronic dinosaurs ala The Flinstones, but to get a glimpse of something even more, well, strange: … Continue reading

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They Demonized President Kennedy Too

The day prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, the far right was demonizing him as a traitor to his country. See the flyer being distributed around Dallas in the run-up to his visit there in 1963 here.

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Demonization Watch: Rush Limbaugh Uses the “Barack Obama as Blood-Mouthed Clown” Image at His Website

I noticed the Obama as a blood-mouthed “sinister clown” in minstrel white face make-up was being used by Rush Limbaugh today at his website:

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Barack Obama the Sinister Clown?

Have you noticed the curious “Obama as scary clown” image meme circulating among right wing circles? I’m having a hard time getting my head around its connotations for right wingers (a racist minstrel projection comes to mind). In any case, … Continue reading

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Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Jews Forced by Nazis to Scrub a Street in Vienna

Nazis in Vienna force Jews to scrub a street as non-Jewish spectators look on: Source: U.S. Holocaust Museum. Photograph is in the public domain.

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Tintoretto’s St. George and the Dragon: A Painting Dedicated to Thomas Muthee, Sarah Palin’s Exorcist and Vanquisher of Mama Jane, the “Witch” of Kiambu

Sarah Palin’s exorcist, Thomas Muthee, on Mama Jane: When we began to recognize who—or what—Mama Jane really was, Margaret and I set ourselves to prayer.

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