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Justice Antonin Scalia Believes In Hell And The Devil–But Not Gays And Atheists

At Salon, Jeffrey Taylor’s summary of Antonin Scalia’s interview with New York magazine caught me for a loop. The man is seriously superstitious, living in a demon haunted world: [Jennifer] Senior interviewed Scalia for her magazine. She asked for his … Continue reading

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Mohamed ElBaradei Demonization Watch: Anne Bayefsky Links ElBaradei to Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Regarding American right-wing paranoia over the street protesters in Cairo (Glenn Beck calls them “rioters”), Jonathan Chait of the New Republic nails it: [W]hat’s fascinating is the emergence [among the right] of a strain of paranoid anti-Islamism that lumps together Iran, Mohammed … Continue reading

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Mental Hospital Break

High school students wander around an old, abandoned Michigan mental hospital. Because the psyche is often thought about as a structure (metaphorically), there’s something poetic and sublime about their drifting from one wrecked and abandoned room to another:    The video also called … Continue reading

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