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Diogenes in a Jar (and Jarred by Diogenes)

The first Thoreau, a jar for a cabin, focused on the light: __________ The above painting, by Jean-Leon Gerome, was made in 1860, very near to the time that Thoreau wrote Walden (1854) and Darwin The Origin of Species (1859). … Continue reading

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ARCHETYPAL OVERLOAD! Samsara, Icarus, Nicodemus, The Cynic Diogenes, The Prodigal Son, Kafka’s Hunger Artist, Socrates, Odysseus, Freud’s Oedipal Totem and Taboo Idealized Daddy Memory, and Christian Conversion—All in a Kansas Song! (And Accompanied by a Greek Chorus!)

Really. Listen: Once I rose above the noise and confusion (just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion) I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high! Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man. Though … Continue reading

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